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This is the Domain of Nhoj, A.K.A. John Markos O'Neill.

I have been called Nhoj since the fourth grade (1980) and have always liked the nickname. People who knew me in high school often call me Nhoj. My family calls me John Markos. Most other people call me John.

Pronounciation tip: The "h" is silent. "Nhoj" rhymes with "lodge."

A little about me: Professionally, I am a computer programmer with a background in servers, Web development, and scientific data. In my spare time, I like to spend time with family or friends, to run, to learn, and to read good books.

I write software for servers at DeNA West. Recruiters, I'm happy where I am, and I'm not looking for a new job. That said, if I know you personally, and you want to connect, you can do so through my profile on LinkedIn, a career-related networking site. If you develop software, you might be interested in my Github profile.

Kids: We have a seven and a half year old girl, Sunny, and a nine and a half year old boy, JH. Here's a photo of both kids, together. Someday, I'll update the photos with more recent ones.

Here is my contact info. I'm on Facebook too, although I only add people to my list of friends if I know them personally.

I found this Wikipedia article about St. John's College, where I went to school. I spent two years at each campus. Here's a link to the college's own site.

Nhoj feeds:

My blog! I've fallen off the blog-updating wagon, as of early 2015.

Here I am on Twitter.
A whole bunch of photos on Flickr
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Old stuff:
A blog about the future (rarely updated)
Brainstorm memos
My personal blog
The old Slashdot journal (not updated lately)

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