What I accomplished today

  1. Went for a run, and I really enjoyed it, because ideas really started flowing in my mind while I was running.
  2. Also, while I was running, I listened to some Japanese podcasts.
  3. Helped set up for an Easter egg hunt at McKinley Square park during Bring Your Own Bigwheel.
  4. Watched some of Bring Your Own Bigwheel with my family.
  5. Refilled our emergency earthquake water.

Things I accomplished today

  1. Replaced the batteries in my Cateye Strada Wireless cyclecomputer, no easy task. I stabbed myself in the finger, attempting to pry off the battery cover with a pocket knife. Fortunately, I just had a tetanus shot a few months ago.
  2. Replaced the battery in the sensor/transmitter for my Cateye Strada Wireless cyclecomputer. I couldn’t find 3/32″ wide zipties for attaching it, so I improvised with duck tape and thread.IMG_1161
  3. When I was looking for zipties, I found an old bell that had been on the kids’ push bike before they could pedal, so I used it to replace the broken bell on Sunny’s bike.
  4. I added a second earthquake strap to secure the kids’ bunkbed.
  5. Studied programming and Japanese, practiced guitar, and went for a run
  6. Because Posterous is going away, I installed WordPress on nhoj.com, and wrote my first post here.

This is my blog post for March 21

The end of Posterous is upon us. I haven’t done anything with my Posterous yet. Right now I’m talking to my sister Amy, who’s telling me a funny story about something that happened to someone at the zoo.

Before that, she was playing her banjolele.

I just showed Amy my latest comic, “A Comic Every Week,” and she laughed out loud at it, spontaneously. I was glad that she found it funny, becuase I was worried that it was too depressing-looking, or that only I would get the joke, but apparently I’ve tapped into a common writer’s feeling. Amy’s a writer, and she says writers feel like that all the time.

Skiing again

I was never much of a downhill skier before, but this is the second time we went skiing this year.

Last time, we were in Tahoe, but this time we went with a big group to Dodge Ridge. I took a “level two” lesson. The kids took level two lessons for children as well. I would have been happy to keep going and take a more advanced lesson, but JH and Sunny wanted to stop doing lessons for the afternoon and spend some time skiing.

JH and his friend M decided that they wanted to go up a rope pull to a bunny slope, because M was a beginner and was not ready to use the lifts yet. M’s Mom and I stood out looking over them from a balcony as M got on the rope. It was like a cartoon as he fell off and his arms, legs, and skis all splayed out in different directions. Was he hurt? Should we go down there? But no, another adult was going over to help him out, and soon, he was back on the rope again.

I thought JH would do better, because he’s a somewhat experienced skier, but the same thing happened to him, not so dramatically, because he’s not as tall as M.

Later, M and JH did go on the lifts together, and they did great, especially M, for whom it was the first day skiing, ever.

Sunny and I spent the afternoon skiing together, which was really fun. I think it was good for her to get some Daddy time, and it was good for me to get some daughter time.

Lost post

It looks as though I wrote a blog post a few days ago, and somehow it vanished into the aether. Not sure what happened. At any rate, here is a quick post to make up for that missing one.

This evening, Sara and I went to see Lincoln. We both liked it, but the historical nature of the movie made me want to go back and research the history around the passage of the 13th amendment.

Coffee and sleep

I’ve been cutting down on coffee lately, from maybe three or four cups a day down to one. It’s been pretty easy — no headaches — but I notice that I’m tired more often than I used to be. My understanding of drug tolerance is that it takes one’s usual dose to get to one’s baseline state. How long does it take for caffeine tolerance to wear off? I kind of liked being someone who could get by with little sleep. Now I start to get tired around 9 or 9:30 at night.

Anyway, I hope I adjust soon. Life is not meant to be slept away.