Sara’s birthday

Today we went to Marin Headlands to see a friend’s art exhibit. We tried to ride bikes there, but there was too much traffic for the kids, so we ended up driving back over the Golden Gate Bridge to Crissy Field. John Haley had a nice time riding, but Solveig was impatient with bike riding and complained that her knees hurt.

Our friend Kristin came over to babysit and we went to see Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing tonight. Sara and I both enjoyed it.

Back in SF

We just got back from a long weekend in Colorado, where we were for my cousin’s wedding. We had a very nice trip, and it was fun to visit with family, but I’m happy to be back home in San Francisco.

Raspberry Pi

One of the nice things about having a new TV is that I can hook my new Raspberry Pi to it. Today, my $35 computer arrived, and I wasted no time in getting it set up. It works fine! I’m curious to try different distros, and find out what I can do with this little new computer.