Sing Along Sound of Music

Today we went to a sing along Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre. Sara’s parents came, and we brought the kids, too. It was really fun, although the movie is a bit long. Afterwards, we went to SOMA Streat Food. I had meatballs from our friend Adam’s truck. We brought some meatballs home, and I’m afraid I overate a little. But no matter. I’ll run it off tomorrow.

I’m learning Python for work. I’ve been asked to take on an existing project that is written in Python, and I have never worked in that language before. I’m keen to learn it, nevertheless. I realize that I have an internal hierarchy of programming languages, maybe something like a class system. It’s totally subjective and a bit dynamic. JavaScript, for example, used to be very un-classy, and has been gaining in the rankings over the past several years. Node.js certainly doesn’t hurt, but also, people seem to care a lot more about front end development now than they used to.

This class system explains to me why, when I interviewed a few years ago at companies using Perl, I cringed at the thought of going back to Perl, a language I had happily worked in during the late 90s and early 00s. You don’t want to go down the class hierarchy. You want to maintain your position or move up.

Anyway, Python is up there. At least as high as, if not somewhat higher than, Ruby, the language I’ve been working in for several years. I certainly don’t cringe at the idea of working in Python. Looking at some of the programming language popularity rankings, it seems as though Python is definitely in the top ten, so it’s worth knowing for that as well.


When my kids were really little, I felt as though weekends were extra-stressful, because I spent much of the day taking care of kids. Now, weekends are starting to return to their previous feeling of relaxation. Today, I spent much of the day working on a problem in browser-based JavaScript. I’ve mostly used JQuery, so I used that just for familiarity. This experience makes me realize that I really need to brush up on my client-side JavaScript. I’m actually feeling pretty comfortable in Node these days, but my front end skills could be better.

I do like working in the browser, because you can see the results of your work. I haven’t really tried TDD for client-side JavaScript yet, but I would like to.


I turned 43 yesterday, and we had friends over for wine tasting and cards. It was fun.

Today I spent most of the day hanging with the kids, although I did get out of the house on my own for a little bit for a run.

For dinner, I made pasta, and I did a home-made red sauce. It turned out OK. I put some turkey sausage in it, and I felt that sort of dominated the taste, so I looked up meat sauces, and got the idea that I should add some wine. So I added a half a cup of wine, and then that made it not tomato-y enough and too thin, so I added some tomato paste, too. That made it just about perfect.


We’re doing a big decluttering project in our house. This morning I started by organizing our bike boxes, which were a huge mess. I got rid of a lot of old, broken bike equipment. Next, I got rid of most of JH’s Lego manuals, finding the online versions and recycling the paper ones.

We also had several binders of owners manuals for products we’d bought in the past twenty years or more. For most of these, even the old ones, I was able to find owners manuals on line, so I uploaded them to a Google Drive folder that I share with Sara.