Weird weekend

I did not have a great weekend, although there were some highlights. I did spend some good quality time with my son, which was cool, but other things were bugging me.

For one thing, I spent $500 on this dumb night guard thing for my teeth, and I really don’t like it. I can return it, but I’ll be out $50 for the fitting of the device.

I’ve decided to get a new dentist, because I feel as though every time I go to the dentist, they’re making me make financial decisions when I’m in a vulnerable position, in the dentist’s chair. Sara likes her dentist, although it might be inconvenient for me to get to them. If I can’t do South San Francisco, I’ll find someone well-reviewed on Yelp. My current dentist does not look so good on Yelp.

Anyway, all this makes me pretty anxious. I don’t like confrontation, and generally I like doing what I’m told. But seriously, the night guard just feels like it’s warping my bite. I cannot wear that thing. I want my $500, or at least my $450 back.

Star Wars weekend

This weekend we watched both Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) and The Empire Strikes Back with the kids. One thing that really struck me is how excellent the second movie (“episode V”) is. It’s really well made, and the cliffhanger ending is just awesome.

We watched Star Wars on Friday night at our house. Sunny was a little scared watching the first movie, so we allowed her to bring her phone with us to a friends’ house to watch The Empire Strikes Back, so she could watch My Little Pony or something. To our surprise, she was glued to the screen the whole time, and didn’t seem scared by the second movie.

JH was into both of them — at 8 and a half, I think he’s just about the perfect age for Star Wars.

Hurt Back

Yesterday, I was putting away groceries, and I turned for some reason, and I felt a now familiar twinge in my back. I had strained a muscle in my back, much as I have done a few times in recent months. It hurt a *lot* last night, and somewhat less today. I’m hopeful that I’ll be more or less normal later in the week, and I can get back on my running schedule, but I’ll have to take a few days off to recover.

Today I’ve been working on Project Euler problems: I did a few of them a couple years ago, and I’m re-doing those in C, rather than Ruby.

Doing things

Today we did our taxes, and the damages weren’t quite as bad as I feared, so I’m happy about that. We finally got some rain here in San Francisco. I went for a run this afternoon, and it was still sprinkling.

I’ve noticed that the rainy season has been coming late to California in recent years, so we could have a very dry fall and early winter, and then make up at least some of the deficit in late winter and early spring. I’m not saying I think that will happen this year, but I think it’s at least possible that we’ll have a wet February, March, and April. At least I hope we do.