Effortless running

Yesterday I went for a run, initially thinking I’d go for a quick three mile down the Embarcadero. As often happens when I run, I hit a good stride, and I decided I wanted to go a little farther — 5 miles. For the first three miles, I was making a pretty good pace for me, about a 7’30” mile. What’s interesting is what happened at mile 3. I finished listening to Marketplace and put on some music — that may have been key to what happened next.

Anyway, around mile 3, I started feeling really good. I mean, incredibly good. I felt almost like I was flying, like the feeling you get when you’re dreaming of flying. I felt a state of calm, mastery, and effortlessness. I was running faster, but it didn’t feel like I was pushing harder. It barely felt as though I was pushing at all. I felt like time had slowed down, like I could hear the music really well, and like I had time to think about things like my posture. I relaxed my shoulders as my yoga teacher is always telling me to do. I paid attention to the placement of my foot, trying not to strike too hard and trying to make sure I wasn’t putting my body into an awkward position. I was smiling, consciously but authentically. My pace picked up to around 6’50″/mile.

Around 4.5 miles, it started to feel like running was slightly more effort again, but I found that I could maintain that feeling of effortlessness with only a few cracks. I finished the 5 mile at 36’13”, which is not my best time, but it’s pretty good for me. Miles 4 and 5 were 6’53” and 6’45”, respectively.

So I’m really curious about how to reproduce this flow state I got into while running yesterday. It was certainly a nice feeling, and it may improve my running as well.

Don’t really feel like writing today

But I’m going to write something anyway. Why? Because it’s been seven days since the last time I posted, and I’ve promised myself I would post once a week. What to write about? Well, Sara and I saw Veronica Mars, the Motion Picture, with a couple of friends today. Loved it! I would say, nevertheless, if you weren’t a fan of the show, it probably wouldn’t mean all that much to you. It seemed to me that Logan Echolls’s uniform didn’t fit all that well, by the way. Really — couldn’t they get that one little detail taken care of?

It’s Sunday night, and I’m trying to tie up a bunch of Sunday night things. I’m taking the week of 3/31 – 4/4 off — it’s spring break for my kids — and I want to get a lot of work done this week.

Second annual Dodge Ridge trip

So we went up to the foothills again this year, but we decided not to go skiing. Due to the drought, the snow was just so bad this year that we decided not to bother. Instead, we did a bunch of other stuff. We went skating twice. The kids skated yesterday, and I joined them today. I seem to be getting a little better at skating backwards. If I practiced all the time, I think I’d get a lot better, but I’ll probably skate, like, once or twice a year.

Oh hai

Hmm . . . just noticed it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. We have something in the works, but I just can’t talk about it yet. It’s been occupying my brain a lot, though, so much so that I went into the office today, on a Sunday, just to get my mind off it.

My back pain, apparently around my SI joint, is feeling a lot better. I ran over 9 miles (~6 on Saturday and ~3 on Sunday) this weekend, and I’m feeling fine. I still want to get physical therapy, nevertheless.

With so much going on in my life, I haven’t had a lot of time to do the things that I love, like practicing guitar. When I do have a little spare time, it’s late and I’m tired, and I just want to go to bed.