Not exactly imfarakat

I’ve resolved to cook dinner twice a week, and tonight I wanted to make imfarakat (we pronounce it “imfadakee”), a Syrian dish made with eggs and onions. Then I found a recipe for a Syrian Omelette that I wanted to try, so I picked up some ingredients at the grocery store.

I decided to make fried potatoes, too. I didn’t read the Syrian Omelette recipe very well, and I decided I’d add green beans to the recipe (my Mom usually makes it with green beans). The green beans I had were frozen, so I added those. When it came time to cook the omelettes, I realized that I had made a mistake. The recipe called for cooking little pancakes in oil, in a big skillet. Unfortunately, I was already using the big skillet for fried potatoes. The pancakes wouldn’t hold together, and the green beans weren’t thawing, so I decided to throw the whole mix into the pan and cook it like a big scramble.

It actually turned out quite tasty. Weird, but tasty. Both the kids liked it, even Sunny (~6), who doesn’t like onions.


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