What I accomplished today

Went for a run, and I really enjoyed it, because ideas really started flowing in my mind while I was running. Also, while I was running, I listened to some Japanese podcasts. Helped set up for an Easter egg hunt at McKinley Square park during Bring Your Own Bigwheel. Watched some of Bring Your Own […]

Things I accomplished today

Replaced the batteries in my Cateye Strada Wireless cyclecomputer, no easy task. I stabbed myself in the finger, attempting to pry off the battery cover with a pocket knife. Fortunately, I just had a tetanus shot a few months ago. Replaced the battery in the sensor/transmitter for my Cateye Strada Wireless cyclecomputer. I couldn’t find […]

Skiing again

I was never much of a downhill skier before, but this is the second time we went skiing this year. Last time, we were in Tahoe, but this time we went with a big group to Dodge Ridge. I took a “level two” lesson. The kids took level two lessons for…

Lost post

It looks as though I wrote a blog post a few days ago, and somehow it vanished into the aether. Not sure what happened. At any rate, here is a quick post to make up for that missing one. This evening, Sara and I went to see Lincoln. We both liked …

Coffee and sleep

I’ve been cutting down on coffee lately, from maybe three or four cups a day down to one. It’s been pretty easy — no headaches — but I notice that I’m tired more often than I used to be. My understanding of drug tolerance is that it takes one’s …