Home with kids today

Sara is going for a hike, and I’m home with the kids today. Mostly, they’ve been playing pretty quietly, with a few squabbles here and there. I feel as though I have a lot to do today, as I often do on a Sunday. I’ve been working on my Beeminder studying tasks, trying to get […]

The smart phone of the future

I was thinking about what features I would like to see in a phone. I realize that as I’m coming up with these, they’re probably not imaginative enough. From the perspective of 2020 or 2025, the phone I describe will sound ridiculously old-fashioned, just an incremental improvement upon what we have today. Nevertheless, I thought […]


I spent most of the day at work, quite busy. This evening we had a PTA meeting, getting ready for our big culinary event, Now I realize I still have a lot of personal stuff I want to do before I get to bed.

Things I’m noticing today

I’m having a hard time getting things done now, because it’s late, and I’m tired. I’m probably not getting enough sleep. I’ve been getting about 6 hours a night, and either I’m one of those lucky 3% who can get by on that little, or I’m chronically sleep-deprived. I’m nervous about getting sick. My daughter […]