Sing Along Sound of Music

Today we went to a sing along Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre. Sara’s parents came, and we brought the kids, too. It was really fun, although the movie is a bit long. Afterwards, we went to SOMA Streat Food. I had meatballs from our friend Adam’s truck. We brought some meatballs home, and […]


When my kids were really little, I felt as though weekends were extra-stressful, because I spent much of the day taking care of kids. Now, weekends are starting to return to their previous feeling of relaxation. Today, I spent much of the day working on a problem in browser-based JavaScript. I’ve mostly used JQuery, so […]


I turned 43 yesterday, and we had friends over for wine tasting and cards. It was fun. Today I spent most of the day hanging with the kids, although I did get out of the house on my own for a little bit for a run. For dinner, I made pasta, and I did a […]


We’re doing a big decluttering project in our house. This morning I started by organizing our bike boxes, which were a huge mess. I got rid of a lot of old, broken bike equipment. Next, I got rid of most of JH’s Lego manuals, finding the online versions and recycling the paper ones. We also […]