Blogging Juneau trip

We’re going to Juneau, Alaska, where my sister and her family live, tomorrow morning. I’m super grumpy right now, because I’m nervous about missing our 7 am flight. Fortunately, we have the whole day to pack. I’m thinking I’ll blog my Juneau trip, to rack up the points in the blogpact. Actually, that would be cheating. I think you only get credit for one post a week, anyway. You can’t stock up on blog posts, although you avoid shame by having a recent one.

The aggregator has a nice list showing how long it has been since each blogpactor’s last post. Unfortunately, it hasn’t credited me for my most recent post for some reason. I’m not sure why. Update: it looks like my RSS feed hasn’t updated yet, so it’s Posterous’s fault, not the aggregator’s. Update 2: I can see the posts on Google Reader, so I don’t know what’s up. RSS is weird.  Nevertheless, I like the auto-crediting. It basically makes cheating impossible, unless you count a crap blog post, like this one, as cheating.

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  1. The aggregator is a 1-hour cron that generates a static website and uploads it to s3, so if for whatever reason it can’t get your RSS feed, or your post isn’t there, it’ll take at least an hour before it shows up. Sorry for any confusion!

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