So, apparently Posterous is going away.

That’s what the banner says, at least. I guess I have to do something. I was thinking I’d move to WordPress, but then a friend suggested I could use Tumblr.

Kind of thinking I should host my own thing, because I don’t want to get stuck with yet another service that’s going to go away.

Tonight we watched the Oscars with my friend Lawrence, who won a Technical Achievement award. Some other friends hosted, and the kids played with Legos, and, apparently, watched a lot of Minecraft videos, while we all watched the Oscars. We saw him on screen for a moment, gathered with all the other Technical Achievement award winners. Since we don’t have cable, or even modern rabbit ears, we haven’t watched the Oscars in a few years.

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  1. If you have any kind of web hosting now, WordPress is a one-click install on most servers (such as Webfaction, which I use for You could also use Octopress and publish to Github Pages (free) or Amazon S3 (literal pennies), though I recently migrated from Octopress to WordPress FWIW.Wordpress on a web host or Octopress on S3 feel like stable choices because those are both paid services that feel less likely to disappear on a whim.

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