This weekend

This evening, Sara and I watched the 2011 Footloose. Sara had said that she was going to watch Footloose II, which I took to mean a sequel to the original, probably from the 80s. But when I searched for it, I realized that she was watching a modern remake. It actually was not bad. Quite true to the original, actually.

Today was Sunday Streets, and I worked at the Potrero Hill Democratic Club booth today, helping to register voters and get signatures for the California Disclose Act.

On Saturday, we had an early dentist’s appointment for the kids. Unfortunately, Solveig had two cavities. We need to do a better job flossing her teeth. After the appointment, we went to Boogaloos for breakfast. It was just before 9AM, and we walked right in and got a table. Usually, there’s a long wait at Boogaloos.

After brunch, we thought we’d do a little bike shopping at Valencia Cyclery. We were thinking we should get JH at 20″ bike, but they said he was too big for a 20″. So we had him try a 24″. We ended up buying a bike for him right then, a Specialized Hotrock. He loves it. At first he was having a hard time shifting onto the biggest front chain ring, but today, he managed to do it several times.