Time to blog

I should really blog in the morning, when I’m not tired, and I’m full of ideas. Or maybe in the afternoon? When’s the best time to blog? Clearly it’s not 11:23 at night, when I have 37 minutes left in my blogging Beeminder.

On the other hand, I’m doing pretty well on the Blogpact. I think I’ve managed to stay on the good side of the list for a few months now, even though my posts are crap.

So what am I blogging for, exactly? I think the whole purpose of this exercise was to enter into some kind of intellectual exploration, and maybe writing practice. In reality, it has just become writing to meet the deadline, and since it’s a free form medium, there is no standard for quality. For perhaps perverse reasons, I don’t want to give up. So maybe the thing to do is to try and set some standards for a minimum acceptable blog post. Then again, if I do that, I’ll surely violate them when I’m close to a deadline, which seems to be every time I write.

I guess I’ll sleep on it. Maybe I’ll try to write a better post in the morning.