Home alone, part deux

Sara and the kids went to Michigan last Sunday, and I’ve been on my own for a few days. The past two nights, I went out with colleagues. Towards the end of last night, I definitely started feeling my introverted side, and so I took today to be mostly alone and recharge. Today feels incredibly long, even though I slept in. I took the old TV to the dump, but I stupidly forgot to take all the corrugated cardboard left over from JH’s birthday. Nevertheless, it was satisfying to get this giant piece of junk out of our house. When I texted Sara to ask if there was anything else I should take to the dump, she wrote back,

“The computer armoire.”
“Uh, no. It’s too heavy.”

Turns out she was kidding, anyway. At some point, we do need to get some of that crap furniture out of the study, as well as turn it into a child’s room. Right now, the kids still share a room. I can imagine they’ll want their own rooms sooner or later.

I ran to Best Buy to pick up a keyboard and mouse for my Raspberry Pi, but it turned out they were all more expensive than just ordering one from Amazon, even if I chose one day shipping, so it would arrive the same day as my new toy.