Working towards to-do list zero

Recently I switched from Things to Wunderlist. I’ve been thinking I’m going to switch my phone from iOS to Android either late this year or early next year, and Wunderlist works on Android. Another thing Wunderlist does is allow sharing of a to-do list. So if Sara is using Wunderlist, too, I can share a list with her. I started a list called “Sara,” but then renamed it “Sara and John,” so she didn’t feel alone doing the tasks on that list. I can do them too!

Anyway, I’ve been steadily shrinking my to-do list, by doing items on the list, by acknowledging that I’ve already done them, and by removing them from the list. Sometimes I move them to a “someday” list, and sometimes I decide that I’m really never going to do them. I think it’s important to realize that sometimes a to-do list item is not going to get done. Obviously some things *have* to get done, like taxes. Others allow for some flexibility.

I have a to-do list item, part of earthquake prep, “Fasten sideboard to wall.” I finally put it in my “someday” list, because it’s been a to-do list item since my now eight year old son was a baby. It’s not getting done! Maybe I’ll be inspired someday and actually do it, but probably not, and that’s OK.