Weird weekend

I did not have a great weekend, although there were some highlights. I did spend some good quality time with my son, which was cool, but other things were bugging me.

For one thing, I spent $500 on this dumb night guard thing for my teeth, and I really don’t like it. I can return it, but I’ll be out $50 for the fitting of the device.

I’ve decided to get a new dentist, because I feel as though every time I go to the dentist, they’re making me make financial decisions when I’m in a vulnerable position, in the dentist’s chair. Sara likes her dentist, although it might be inconvenient for me to get to them. If I can’t do South San Francisco, I’ll find someone well-reviewed on Yelp. My current dentist does not look so good on Yelp.

Anyway, all this makes me pretty anxious. I don’t like confrontation, and generally I like doing what I’m told. But seriously, the night guard just feels like it’s warping my bite. I cannot wear that thing. I want my $500, or at least my $450 back.