Hurt Back

Yesterday, I was putting away groceries, and I turned for some reason, and I felt a now familiar twinge in my back. I had strained a muscle in my back, much as I have done a few times in recent months. It hurt a *lot* last night, and somewhat less today. I’m hopeful that I’ll […]

Doing things

Today we did our taxes, and the damages weren’t quite as bad as I feared, so I’m happy about that. We finally got some rain here in San Francisco. I went for a run this afternoon, and it was still sprinkling. I’ve noticed that the rainy season has been coming late to California in recent […]

Last Cinderella

Usually my wife watches Korean drama, which is most of what Drama Fever offers anyway. Last week, nevertheless, she was watching a Japanese drama called “Last Cinderella,” which aired in Japan in 2013. It was so well-made — charming and sexy — that I got drawn in and started watching it too.

No Instacart, either

Yesterday we almost tried Instacart. Sara did the shopping, and we noticed from the get go that they have a significant markup — for example, a half gallon of Clover organic milk is $5.19, which is more expensive than the little grocery next door. I know that a half gallon of organic milk is less […]

Working towards to-do list zero

Recently I switched from Things to Wunderlist. I’ve been thinking I’m going to switch my phone from iOS to Android either late this year or early next year, and Wunderlist works on Android. Another thing Wunderlist does is allow sharing of a to-do list. So if Sara is using Wunderlist, too, I can share a […]

Laundry outsourcing update

Yesterday, I wrote about how we’re outsourcing our laundry as part of my New Year’s resolution, and how we tried a wash, fold, and delivery service. Shortly before our laundry was returned from Prim, I received a notice that the service is closing down. I looked around for other services I could use, and the […]

A productive weekend

Yesterday morning, someone from Prim came to pick up our laundry. It really was nice to spend the weekend without a huge pile of laundry to do. In addition to outsourcing laundry, I have been thinking about trying Instacart or Amazon for grocery delivery, but yesterday I decided to go to the grocery store after […]

New Year’s Resolution 2014

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to outsource more unrewarding activities, starting with laundry. I spend far to much time on laundry. We hire cleaners to come every week, and Sara tried to get them to do our laundry, but it turns out they’re not very good at it. They’re OK at folding, but […]

It’s OK to read ten books at a time

For a while I thought it was a bad habit, but now I’ve decided that it’s actually a good thing. In fact, I’m wondering if it’s a kind of intellectual Darwinianism, to read multiple books at once. The one I spend the most time on — the one I actually finish — that’s the one […]