Back in SF

We just got back from a long weekend in Colorado, where we were for my cousin’s wedding. We had a very nice trip, and it was fun to visit with family, but I’m happy to be back home in San Francisco.

Raspberry Pi

One of the nice things about having a new TV is that I can hook my new Raspberry Pi to it. Today, my $35 computer arrived, and I wasted no time in getting it set up. It works fine! I’m curious to try different distros, and find out what I can do with this little new computer.

Home alone, part deux

Sara and the kids went to Michigan last Sunday, and I’ve been on my own for a few days. The past two nights, I went out with colleagues. Towards the end of last night, I definitely started feeling my introverted side, and so I took today to be mostly alone and recharge. Today feels incredibly long, even though I slept in. I took the old TV to the dump, but I stupidly forgot to take all the corrugated cardboard left over from JH’s birthday. Nevertheless, it was satisfying to get this giant piece of junk out of our house. When I texted Sara to ask if there was anything else I should take to the dump, she wrote back,

“The computer armoire.”
“Uh, no. It’s too heavy.”

Turns out she was kidding, anyway. At some point, we do need to get some of that crap furniture out of the study, as well as turn it into a child’s room. Right now, the kids still share a room. I can imagine they’ll want their own rooms sooner or later.

I ran to Best Buy to pick up a keyboard and mouse for my Raspberry Pi, but it turned out they were all more expensive than just ordering one from Amazon, even if I chose one day shipping, so it would arrive the same day as my new toy.

Home alone

Sara and the kids are in Michigan. I’ve been doing as I often do when they’re out of town, spending extra time at work, and getting lots of exercise. Also, I have been eating relatively poorly to when they’re around, because I’m not cooking. Today I bought a TV, on the spur of the moment. A neighbor advertised a set on Nextdoor Potrero, and, since it was only $100, I decided to go for it. It seemed like a good deal. I also ordered myself a Raspberry Pi today, and I can use the new TV as its monitor, at least while Sara and the kids aren’t around.

I hope Sara likes it.

Time to blog

I should really blog in the morning, when I’m not tired, and I’m full of ideas. Or maybe in the afternoon? When’s the best time to blog? Clearly it’s not 11:23 at night, when I have 37 minutes left in my blogging Beeminder.

On the other hand, I’m doing pretty well on the Blogpact. I think I’ve managed to stay on the good side of the list for a few months now, even though my posts are crap.

So what am I blogging for, exactly? I think the whole purpose of this exercise was to enter into some kind of intellectual exploration, and maybe writing practice. In reality, it has just become writing to meet the deadline, and since it’s a free form medium, there is no standard for quality. For perhaps perverse reasons, I don’t want to give up. So maybe the thing to do is to try and set some standards for a minimum acceptable blog post. Then again, if I do that, I’ll surely violate them when I’m close to a deadline, which seems to be every time I write.

I guess I’ll sleep on it. Maybe I’ll try to write a better post in the morning.

This is my blog post for today

Some interesting things happened today and I had some interesting thoughts. I wish I could give you a read only line on my internal monologue, because I’m sure you would enjoy at least some of it. Nevertheless, I’m too tired to write anything but a cursory blog post right now. I’ll try for more tomorrow.

This weekend

This evening, Sara and I watched the 2011 Footloose. Sara had said that she was going to watch Footloose II, which I took to mean a sequel to the original, probably from the 80s. But when I searched for it, I realized that she was watching a modern remake. It actually was not bad. Quite true to the original, actually.

Today was Sunday Streets, and I worked at the Potrero Hill Democratic Club booth today, helping to register voters and get signatures for the California Disclose Act.

On Saturday, we had an early dentist’s appointment for the kids. Unfortunately, Solveig had two cavities. We need to do a better job flossing her teeth. After the appointment, we went to Boogaloos for breakfast. It was just before 9AM, and we walked right in and got a table. Usually, there’s a long wait at Boogaloos.

After brunch, we thought we’d do a little bike shopping at Valencia Cyclery. We were thinking we should get JH at 20″ bike, but they said he was too big for a 20″. So we had him try a 24″. We ended up buying a bike for him right then, a Specialized Hotrock. He loves it. At first he was having a hard time shifting onto the biggest front chain ring, but today, he managed to do it several times.

Today’s run

This afternoon, I took a run on the Embarcadero, as I often do. It was great weather for running, but a bit windy. Since my run was right after yoga class, I started off a bit dazed, and I was running more slowly than usual. As I started the last mile, I realized that everyone had been passing me. I turned on some loud rock music, and picked up the pace, and I finished my last mile in 7 minutes, 5 seconds. I also passed many of the runners who had been passing me.

One of these days, I’d like to do a sub-35 minute 5 mile. Also, I’d like to see if I could still do a sub-6 minute one mile. I’d better get on it soon, because I have a feeling I’ll get slower as I get older.

Last day of school

Today was the last day of the school year for my kids. All the parents and kids from the lower grades got together at Jackson Park and we had a big get together, then folks came over to our house for some food and drinks. The kids were up past 11pm! We told them they need to sleep in till at least 8 tomorrow.


This evening I’m quite tired, and the feeling is putting a big dent in my assertion that I’m sleepless elite. I feel as though I could go to bed now and sleep for about 12 hours.