Last day of school

Today was the last day of the school year for my kids. All the parents and kids from the lower grades got together at Jackson Park and we had a big get together, then folks came over to our house for some food and drinks. The kids were up past 11pm! We told them they […]


This evening I’m quite tired, and the feeling is putting a big dent in my assertion that I’m sleepless elite. I feel as though I could go to bed now and sleep for about 12 hours.

Saturday Miscellanea

My Beeminder threatens me with the loss of five bucks if I don’t blog today, so here I am. This morning I noticed that if I’m well fed and well rested, things that would otherwise bug me (like kids making messes and not cleaning them up) don’t really seem like a big deal. The obvious […]

Language learning

So, I’ve been studying French and Japanese lately. I’d stick with Japanese alone, but I wanted to try out Duolingo, and it only has French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have enough time to really learn quickly. If I devoted a few hours a day, I might get up to […]

Maker Faire weekend

We had a really good Maker Faire weekend. It started out kind of slow, but in the end, I thought it was perhaps the best one so far. One thing that was really great was our evolving ability to leave the kids on their own in certain, semi-supervised environments. We left JH (almost 8) in […]

Not inspired to blog

One of the problems of setting myself a goal to blog regularly is that that reminder sneaks up on me, and here I am, with 25 minutes to write a blog post or I owe Beeminder five bucks. And that’s not going to work, so here I am writing. I’ve been working on some front […]

Dad day with JH

Today, Sunny had a special day with her Mom, so JH got to have a special day with me as well. We got started a little late, but then we made our way on BART to Alameda, where there was supposed to be a cafe with race cars. I was pleasantly surprised to find a […]