Home alone, part deux

Sara and the kids went to Michigan last Sunday, and I’ve been on my own for a few days. The past two nights, I went out with colleagues. Towards the end of last night, I definitely started feeling my introverted side, and so I took today to be mostly alone and recharge. Today feels incredibly […]

Home alone

Sara and the kids are in Michigan. I’ve been doing as I often do when they’re out of town, spending extra time at work, and getting lots of exercise. Also, I have been eating relatively poorly to when they’re around, because I’m not cooking. Today I bought a TV, on the spur of the moment. […]

Time to blog

I should really blog in the morning, when I’m not tired, and I’m full of ideas. Or maybe in the afternoon? When’s the best time to blog? Clearly it’s not 11:23 at night, when I have 37 minutes left in my blogging Beeminder. On the other hand, I’m doing pretty well on the Blogpact. I […]

This is my blog post for today

Some interesting things happened today and I had some interesting thoughts. I wish I could give you a read only line on my internal monologue, because I’m sure you would enjoy at least some of it. Nevertheless, I’m too tired to write anything but a cursory blog post right now. I’ll try for more tomorrow.

This weekend

This evening, Sara and I watched the 2011 Footloose. Sara had said that she was going to watch Footloose II, which I took to mean a sequel to the original, probably from the 80s. But when I searched for it, I realized that she was watching a modern remake. It actually was not bad. Quite […]

Today’s run

This afternoon, I took a run on the Embarcadero, as I often do. It was great weather for running, but a bit windy. Since my run was right after yoga class, I started off a bit dazed, and I was running more slowly than usual. As I started the last mile, I realized that everyone […]